Wes Capital, LLC
Secondary Market Maker
of Government Guaranteed Loans

WES CAPITAL, LLC was established for the sole purpose of buying and selling government guaranteed loans used in our program to assist our clients in the formulation and execution of investment strategies consistent with proven Asset/Liability and portfolio management practices.

Wes Capital, LLC is a very active secondary market maker in USDA B&I and FSA loan programs, as well as the SBA 7(a) loans. We are in contact with most all of the known loan originators of this product and bid these loans on a daily basis. Because we handle only loans and no other exotic or complex fixed income products, we can work on a smaller profit margin. That allows us to pay our client's more if they are a seller of loans, and offer them lower costs loans, if they are among our many investors.

Our investors are all types of institutions and we have interest in most any type of loan structure whether long term fixed rates, to 3, 5, and 10 year adjustable rate loans and of course any type of variable rate loans.

Please feel free to contact Wes Capital, LLC at any time
to discuss a loan structure you are considering.

We consult with our clients daily about their loans and how they might structure the loan for the secondary market to achieve the most profit and/or servicing spread.

We clear all loans through our business relationship with ServCo Management, Inc. They process the transfer of our purchase/sale confirmations and settlements for the different types of Government guaranteed loan products.

We look forward to working with your group whether an originator or if your institution is considering getting into the program we can assist you in all aspects of the loan origination process and the dynamics of the secondary market.

Additionally we would welcome the opportunity to show you some of our loans offerings. Purchasing high yielding self managed earning assets from us is easy through our streamline bidding process and fast online confirmation procedures.

We offer a wide variety of paper and only trade in the portion of the loan that carries the
with absolutely no credit risk to the investor.

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Secondary Market Trading
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